Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co., Ltd was established in September 2005. At first, we only had one medical equipment manufacturing license and registration certificate (the production license of a “multi-parameter monitor model”). In 2010, our company increased the registered capital to RMB 1,010,000 and owned three medical equipment production license. In 2014, our company increased the registered capital to RMB 5,000,000; So far, we have acquired the production license for the four major series of products, and are now applying for the production license for our new product.

Concerning production, at first, we bought board cards from suppliers, and gradually we were able to make simple assembly and test. Now, we can produce the core parts of all products independently, and master the technical data of all core parts.

Concerning product development, at first, we only had one product, the monitor. Now, we own multiple series, such as Series E, M, 8000 and Vital Signs; In addition, we have 6 types of fingertip pulse oximeters, 3 types of Fetal Doppler, 2 types of electronic blood pressure monitors, 2 types of UV radiation treatment devices, 2 types of thermometers and much other medical equipments; Yongkang designed and developed these products and owns the proprietary intellectual property rights.