Enterprise mission:

Concentrate on life and health cause. Protect people’s health with innovation and wisdom.

Enterprise vision:

Provide high-quality and innovative products and services to people.

Enterprise slogan:

Safeguard healthy life.


Equality, Integrity, Cooperation, and Innovation

Operation Philosophy:

A tree cannot grow too fast. Those growing up in one year are used as firewood. Those growing up in three-five years are used to make tables and chairs. Those growing up in ten to a hundred years may become pillars. So, we have to accumulate strength before the opportunity arrives.

Management Philosophy:

“People-oriented, sincere, efficient, practical, innovative, collaborative”. Take “Science and technology are the primary productive forces” as the leading idea. Stick to market orientation. Launch more competitive products that can meet the market requirements. Develop a comprehensive medical instruments production system integrating development, production, sales, and services.

Quality Policy and Goal:

1. Scientific quality management—— Strictly implement laws, regulations, and standards of medical instruments, product standards, YY/T 0287-2003idt EN ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012 Medical Devices- Quality Management System- Requirements for Regulatory Purposes, MDD 93/42/EEC, etc.

2. Reliable medical products—— Intensify process monitor during manufacturing. Set strict requirements for each procedure. Make all semi-finished products meet the requirements. Conduct a quality monitor in the whole process.

3. Excellent after-sales services—— Customers means the market. In order to satisfy customers’ needs, we have to offer services before, during and after-sales as well as extensive services;

4. Good reputation——Safety. Guarantee safety and effectiveness of the final products and make them able to demonstrate the expected functions in order to make customers satisfied.