Personal Protection Manual Against Covid-19

Personal Protection Manual Against Covid-19

  • Post published:March 31, 2020
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At this specical time. Please be sure to take good care of yourself! The epidemic is ruthless, but human beings full of love. During the epidemic prevention and control period, We believe that no matter what kind of difficulties and dangers encounter, it will not be able to stop the progress of Yonker people!

一、What should we do before going out?

1.Self-test your temperature before before going out to make sure your temperature is normal

2.Assess your physical condition

3.Prepare engough masks and disinfectant wipes etc. for a day

二、What should we do on the way to work?

1.Wear disposable medical masks all the time on the way

2.If possible please try to go work by walk, ride, or take private car.And remind the drive to wear a mask when taking a taxi or online hailed car

3. If you have to take public transportation, try to avoid touching anything on the bus or close communication with people

三、What should we do during the work time?

1.Before entering the office building consciously accept the temperature test. You can enter the building to work only with the normal boby temperature. And remember to wash your hands in the bathroom

2. If the temperature exceeds 37 ℃, please do not work in the building. It is recommended to retest with a mercury thermometer. If the temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃, report in time go home to have a rest and observation, and go to hospital if necessary.

3.Wear a mask all day and keep a distance more than 1 meter when communicating with colleagues or during meetings

4.Daily wipe personal office area, such as office desktop, chair,computer, telephone and other supplies

5.Do not stay or chat in public areas. Do not cross-department, cross-regional if non-work requirements.

6.If possible communicate by phone, wechat, email

7.Do not borrow other people’s office supplies or work stations for non-special purposes

8.Try not to exchange materials with others.

9.Do not share water, cups or independently packed food with each other.

10. When using public equipment (water dispensers, printers, etc.), use tissue to isolate the keys without direct contact.

11.If a face-to-face meeting must be held, wear a mask during the meeting, wash your hands and disinfect before entering the meeting room, and keep a 1-meter interval with colleagues as far as possible during the meeting.

四、 What should we do when eat in the cafeteria?

1.Try to bring meals from home

2.It is not recommended to eat out.Try to packaging in the cafeteria and do not order takeaway food

3.During the meal time in company, you need to obey the company’s meal arrangement. Eat dine in the cafeteriaor at the office in batches.

4.Avoid crowded or face to face during meals, try not to talk to each other. Bring your own tableware and clean and disinfection it after meals.

五、What should we do after work?

1.On the way to refer to the previous tips.Wash and disinfect after remove the mask when arrive home.

2.Wipe the phone and keys with a disinfected tissue or 75% alcohol

3.Keep the room ventilated and clean. Not attend any parties or meals after work.

六、How to choose a mask? How to dispose of discarded masks?

1. The company will distribute one mask per person per day. If you want to purchase masks by yourself, we recommend purchasing disposable medical masks or N95 medical protective masks. Cotton masks and sponge masks are not recommended.

2.During epidemic prevention period, hand hygiene should be done before and after removing the mask. When discarding the mask, please fold it in half and put it in the designated mask handling bucket. The building’s centralized storage and transfer garbage position should be disinfected.

七、How to prevent COVID-19 infection at home?

1.Enhance health awareness, moderate exercise,sleep well, do not stay up late to improve the immunity

2.Keep good personal hygiene, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands

3.Ventilate the room and keep it clean and tidy

4.Regularly spray disinfectant water, especially to carpets, door locks, etc.

5.Replace clothes immediately after returning home. Take off your shoes before you enter the house.

6.If possible, avoid close contact with people who have symptoms (such as fever, coughing or sneezing) of respiratory illness.

7.Try to avoid crowded and confined places. If you must go, you must wear a mask.

8.Avoid contact with wildlife and poultry

9.Stick to safe eating habits. Meat and eggs must be thoroughly cooked. Use public chopsticks and spoons

10.Pay close attention to fever, cough and other symptoms, it must be timely go to get nearby medical treatment when asoccurrence of above list symptoms.

八、What and how to eat during the epidemic piroed?

1.Buy chilled poultry from the formal channels, and fully cook poultry, egg and milk.

2.Do not eat sick poultry and their products

3.Separate cutting boards and knives for raw and cooked food.

4.Wash your hands between handling raw and cooked foods

九、 If high fever occurs, seek medical advice in time

1.If there is high fever (over 38℃) persisted.

2.Increased sputum or purulent nose

3.Symptoms such as dyspnea and shortness of breath, please seek medical advice in time

4.Make sure you are well protected before going to the hospital

5. Do not run around in the hospital

6. Before going to the hospital, family members and yourself must wear masks. Remember to wash your hands the right way when you should

7.When in the hospital, be careful not to touch the outside of the mask! Don’t rub your eyes! Don’t mess around in the hospital! Wash hands after removing mask!